Though Gehman's LLP occupies only 6,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we can produce more than 800 pallets daily. We accomplish this through the utilization of our automated systems as well as a host of custom developed machinery and software. And with this custom machinery and software we are also able to produce not only standard pallets but also custom orders for skids and pallets.

Custom Hardware

In order to fit a large pallet manufacturing operation into a small space, we worked in-house to design and build our own custom machinery that not only fit the area we were working with, but also had fast production and low downtime. An example would be our board saw which we redesigned to boost power and speed. Now instead of taking 40 seconds for a 48" cant we can run it through 4 seconds!


With hands-off automation in mind, we worked to create an automated material handling system and re-cut line. Custom written software, created and dubbed "Automate" by Jason Gehman, controls the entire re-cut process.This software has totalizing and reporting capabilities, while still being flexible to allow an operator to override functionality to produce results required from any given lumber.